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The 5 Fastest Growing Cities of Asia

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Top 5 fastest growing cities of Asia

The whole world is in a race, a race to become the best, a race to have all the perks, a run to be the first, and in this race, there have to be some fastest of the participants. Asia is the biggest of the content in the world today we will be taking the top 5 fastest growing cities in Asia. Asia is a significant content with 48 countries. From these 48 countries, we have to select just five ports which are a tough task.

Out of the many cities in these 48 countries, we are choosing the following five cities as the fastest growing cities of Asia:

  • Congqing, China
  • Bangalore, India
  • Shanghai, China
  • Ahemedabad, India
  • Bangkok, Thailand

Cogqing, China

This city in West China is one of the largest city, and also handles all the inland port of the country. The town is around the river of Yangtze and with the tall skyscrapers all around the river you can have a full look at the city and the river. Here earlier ruled the Tang Dynasty about which you can learn with the architecture. Overall the city is a commercial hub in China which is growing as more and more companies are opening vacancies here to operate and people moving in for their new jobs.  Currently, the city has a population of 7.22 Million people with an annual growth of 3.08%.<

Bangalore, India

The old city in India happens to have all the perks to be the fastest growing city in Asia. As we all know the Software industry is growing and in Bangalore, it is quite easy to hire software engineer more and more companies are placing their footsteps in the city and making it as their headquarters. With the city being planned in the best manner it can, with the best of security measures being taking place for the safety of peoples in the place it becomes the best city in India to live. Currently, the city happens to have a population of 9.81 Million with an annual growth of 3.64%.

Shanghai, China

Another city from China which have a higher annual growth index at 3.11% and also a more senior population. But this is not only for a cause that it houses the best of the hotels, restaurants and shopper ground in the whole country. As Shanghai is a significant city hence there have to be a host of attractions around the city which makes the city tourist friendly, and a large number of vacancies opens which might be in Travel industry as the tourists require guides, and they do need some kind shops to shop in hence the companies comes with their warehouses in the city which makes the City one of the largest commercial city of China. Currently, the population in Shanghai is around 23.42 Million which is quite high, but China government has done a great job managing the transportation and living standards.

Ahmadabad, India

The capital of Gujarat is another city coming up from India as the fastest developing city in Asia. Ahmadabad happens to have found some growth after 2010 when the Bollywood celebrity Amitabh Bachchan became the brand ambassador for Gujarat Tourism. Ahmadabad houses all the major industries around the city which make the city one of the fastest growing in India. As Ahmadabad is well planned and is also as the liquor is banned in these city tourists also love to visit the place as it becomes a much safer and a nuisance-free city for them. Currently, the city has a population of 7.19 Million with an annual growth index of 3.13%.

Bangkok, Thailand

With Bangkok being one of the best tourist destination in Thailand and most of the teenagers visiting Bangkok in their vacations the place have got many different industries being set up in the past couple of years. Most people club a Bangkok tour along with a Koh Samui trip within a 7Days tour package. Koh Samui is one place in Thailand with serene beaches and romantic restaurants like The Tree Tops.  With more and more of tourism, the Bangkok city is becoming a hub for most of the industries and many industries are coming to the city with their headquarters for the country. Not even the established brands but the city is crowded with startups which are also doing well.

These are our pick for the top 5 fastest growing cities of Asia, do let us know what you think about these. Do let us know in the comment section below, also let us know about your pick on the Top 5 cities which are growing at a fast pace in Asia.


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